Steve and Kathy both grew up in church-going families but truly dedicated their lives to Christ in college. God changed their lives personally and gave them a desire to use their gifts and talents to help others know Him too.

After college they became missionaries to college students on U.S. campuses. When the opportunity came for long-term service, both Steve and Kathy answered God’s call. It was there that they met and served three years in the Philippines. From there they served in South Korea for the next 7 years and back to the United States to continue work on the JESUS Film Project. God then called them to teach and administrate a two-year Bible College in Moscow, Russia.
     They worked with the Bible College for eleven years to prepare Russian believers to become pastors, church planters, missionaries, elders and lay leaders in new and existing churches. After training local Russian Christian leaders to fulfill their roles and responsibilities at the Bible College, God provided an opportunity to minister among Russians and expatriates within the business, professional, military and diplomatic community in 2005.The Lord has recently called the Schnaidts back to the states where they continue to serve with CRU in Wisconsin. They have three grown children and 3 grandchildren.


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