At Antioch we consider every member a minister, and expect every member to be serving God in an identifiable way. At the same time, there are certain standards that we expect everyone who is serving to follow.  Not only do we want you to be serving – you need to serve! As a believer with new life in Christ, you are designed and equipped to serve God through a local church. Come join the team!


  • It's necessary that every person who ministers at Antioch Bible Church has personally accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Savior, and is seeking to walk with God. If people do not have this vital spiritual life with God through Christ, then they cannot serve Him. God does not want their service, until He has their repentance and faith. At Antioch, we do not want to encourage people who don't know Christ to think that they will gain any favor from God by trying to serve Him. If it appears that you are not clear about your position before God, we will want to talk with you before you serve at Antioch.

  • It is necessary that every person who ministers at Antioch is maintaining a consistent testimony through his or her personal lifestyle. We ask people who are struggling with destructive habits (a drug problem, for instance), or who are involved in sexual sin (adultery, for instance), to get their hearts and lives right before God, before they begin serving. We have not yet found anyone who is perfect in holiness and righteousness, but at the same time, we do not want people serving God at Antioch to have blatant sin in their lives which would damage God's reputation and Antioch's ministry.

  • Appearances are also important. A person who walks into a bar early every night, and comes out very late, may not be abusing alcohol, but it certainly looks like it. A man who lives in the same house or apartment with a woman not his wife may not be sleeping with her, but it certainly looks like it. In other words, Christians who want to serve God ought to look like people who are following the Bible, rather than look like people who don't know God. (I Thess. 4:3-8, Matt. 6:19-24.)

  • It seems as if more and more single men and women these days, including Christians, are finding it convenient to share houses and apartments. In light of appearances and testimonies, and in light of the biblical principle about not inviting temptation (I Cor. 13:10, II Tim. 2:22, Rom. 13:12-14), it has become necessary to adopt this policy: If you are sharing a living space with someone of the opposite sex to whom you are not married, you must find a better housing arrangement before you can serve at Antioch "without reproach."

  • It is necessary that every person who ministers at Antioch is in agreement with the church's doctrinal statement and ministry distinctives. At this point, not every position of ministry demands that you be an official church member, but every position does presume that you agree with what Antioch teaches in its doctrinal statement. It's also presumed that you agree with Antioch's mission and distinctives (Antioch Bible Church exists to glorify God by equipping God's people, of all cultures, for the work of the ministry.) Of course, this is also a matter of common sense: there's no point in serving at a church where you are always in tension with the direction of ministry, or where you are always fighting the leadership.

  • Finally, it is necessary that every person who ministers at Antioch is committed to the biblical principles of personal relationships. (Phil. 2:1-11, Matt. 18:15-35, Eph. 4:25-32.) Loving fellow ministers, forgiving them, accepting them, thinking them more important than yourself, confronting them, and so on – these are not options for people who serve at Antioch, they are requirements. One of Satan's most effective tools is to try to introduce broken relationships and bitterness between believers who are serving together If you are having troubles relating properly to other believers, don't join a ministry team and turn it into chaos!

That's it! You need to know Jesus, to be trying to walk with Him, to be in agreement with the church, and to be following the Bible in your relationships.