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Eastside Piano Studio

9827 128th Ave NE

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Contact Person: Kellye Hall
Phone: 206-659-7842
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About the Teacher

Kellye Hall starting playing piano at age 4. She began formal lessons in grade 2 and continued on through 4 years of college -totaling 14 years of tutelage under four different Master's level piano instructors. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (specializing in Piano Performance) from Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada in 2003 and has since had the privilege of teaching piano to hundreds of students at all ages and levels.

She has been a church and choir accompanist for over 24 years, performed for many events with "ECHO ensemble", and has also played for many special occasions such as weddings, funerals, banquets, music at local malls, Christmas bazaars, etc.

Kellye loves to teach piano but is primarily a wife & homemaker and a mother to 2 boys. Her favorite thing is to be out of doors; either gardening, hiking, or playing at a beach. Her hobbies include studying nutrition, traditional cooking, natural medicine & vegetable gardening. 


  • Payments are to be made monthly at the first  lesson of each month.*
  • Rate: $15-$50 per lesson (15-50 minutes in length or $1 per minute).**
*I do not offer free trial lessons. However, if we're not a "fit", you only need pay for the introductory lesson.
**Additional charge of $5 per lesson for in home lessons (during school hours only).


  • Student families are to provide any books needed as well as a blank notebook for recording detailed practice instructions.
  • I can work with most books already on hand. For those with no books or previous musical experience I recommend Faber's "Piano Adventures" PrimerLesson Book.
  • I greatly encourage students to look online and download music of their favorite songs to learn as part of our lessons. 

Participation and Practice

  • Contests inspire elementary age students to practice. They earn points throughout the school year to spend on prizes. The first place winner also receives a trophy.
  • Recommended practice: 60 minutes per week for beginners, adding 15-30 minutes per week for each additional year of study.


  • At least two recitals will be planned each year for students to share favorite songs with family & friends.
  • At these events students can also "buy" prizes with their practice points and the 1st place winner receives a trophy.
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