Ruth Webster’s area of focus will be on administering the Barikiwa Center in Maswa, Tanzania. This will include working with Dr. Ashley Lucas to set up policies and procedures for how the clinic and center will run.

Working to develop and train staff, overseeing the finances of the Center. She will also work with the (future) pastor to plant a church and build up people, especially the women, to know God’s truths for themselves. The overall hope for the Barikiwa Center is to bring people in and meet their physical needs with the dental and medical clinic, as well as the community center where vocational training, computer skills, ESL classes, and sports classes will be offered. We also want the Center to care for the poor, while working with the pastor to make sure those who cannot afford treatment aren’t turned away. The idea is to become part of the community and develop lasting relationships with people as we get to know them and be able to share Christ with them. The end goal of Ruth’s work would be to train the local staff to be able to administer the center without her one day.