Uber Ministry - Pastor Jayson and his wife Julie have been married since 1992 and the Lord has blessed them with 6 daughters and a son. After earning his Masters of Divinity, Jayson served his church for almost two decades, in various capacities, when the Lord opened a door to plant a church in another part of town. That was March of 2009.

Just over five years passed, when things began to change in Jayson’s physical health, which led him and his family on a 3-year medical journey that has been comprehensive, exhausting and perhaps hardest of all, isolating. In the end, there has been no definitive diagnosis, but the Turner family has had to adapt to a new normal of husband and dad, doing life with a battery that simply won’t charge. When the Lord closed the door on his time at the church plant, Jayson needed to look for a job, but in his diminished capacity, he had to find something he could do while sitting, and that provide flexibility when he needed to rest. Driving for Uber seemed to fit the bill. What started out as simply a ‘job’ in April 2016, very quickly turned into ministry! His car became his counseling office – his “church on wheels” – going to the people where they work, live and play. Jayson found himself having daily conversations with unbelievers in a way, and at a rate, he had never experienced in the previous 25 years of ministry; the question of God is something people are actually thinking about a lot. Through Uber and Pastor Jayson, God has created a space where people feel safe to ask questions, express doubts, and talk about their problems with the notion of God. Jayson now shares the gospel, often multiple times a day, giving books and New Testaments to those who are interested in learning more, and directing them to local churches where they can be fed. He even shares his contact information with anyone who may want to meet for further conversation.

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