MRI Dental Clinic and Antioch Bible Church Plant.  In 2011, MRI began investing in a young mother in Tanzania, Africa, by supporting her as she attended dental school.

At the same time MRI purchased a piece of strategic property in Maswa, Tanzania, with the idea of building our own permanent dental facility. This vision has grown over the years by God’s guidance, and today we are in the process of building “The Barikiwa Center” (meaning “Blessing” in Swahili). This center currently houses the Myers Clinic (completed and opening Summer 2017), which will serve the needs of the poor and disadvantaged in the area by having a dentist, doctor, midwives and a pharmacist. Barikiwa will also be the future home of “The Hutcherson Community Center” which will offer vocational training, computer satellite lab, tutoring and a sports program, as well as a new Antioch Bible Church plant. Though MRI is a private 501c3 organization that Pastor Bill Mays built back in 1984, this partnership with Antioch Missions is an opportunity to bring the church and MRI together in a mighty way. As Hutch used to say, “Let’s do, together, what we cannot do by ourselves!”
We hope to raise the support necessary, in the next few months, to complete the clinic, and begin the process necessary for building the remaining structures.

As for that Tanzanian mother MRI has been investing in since 2011 . . . She is Dr. Ashley Lucas and will be running the Myer’s Clinic! Our Antioch Ambassador, Ruth Webster is also serving, full-time, at the Barikiwa Center.

Maswa has a population of over 350,000, with no Bible churches! It is an area of the world with little witness for Christ; it is wide open for the Gospel. Would you please keep this project, and all of us involved, in your prayers? We are anticipating with joy, “Great and mighty things from the Lord.”

Next Trip:  Summer 2017