YEIT is a crazy and insane 3 days packed with incredible worship, soul-piercin’ Bible teaching, and excellent fellowship with friends.  Playing in the snow, sledding, snowboarding, chillin' by the fire, meeting new friends and trying to find the always elusive...YETI are some activities we do.  Bring a friend and experience a transforming time at the YETI.  Join us January 19-21, 2018!

1 Suitcase/Bag
1 Sleeping Bag in Stuff Sack – can be purchased at REI/Big 5/etc.
1 Pillow – either in suitcase or stuff sack
Toiletries – toothbrush/paste; floss; shampoo; soap; deodorant; contact cleaner; feminine products; washcloth etc.
1 Towel
Winter Coat
Boots – be prepared for snow
Winter Clothing – be prepared for cold
Pants/Sweats – at least one pair
Socks – extra socks
Underwear – extra underwear
Garbage sack – for wet, dirty clothes

The NO NO List
NO Hairdryers—Leaders will provide a hairdryer
NO Curling Irons
NO Make-up—zit creams/cover-ups okay
NO Electronics—iPods/iPads/cell phones, etc.
NO Tobacco, Non-Prescription Drugs, or Alcohol...of course