MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Read about the October 2014 trip.


Late October, eight Antioch members joined forces with 15 from Alderwood Community Church to serve with Global Surge Ministries in Manila, Philippines for 10 days. After a long flight, we landed safely in Mania with all of our luggage and dental equipment in one piece. Exiting the airport, we were immediately hit with the weight of heat and humidity, even though it was after 11:00pm. Once the bus was loaded, we were on the road to the hotel, taking in the sights and sounds of the massive city; one moment “major metropolis” the next, “third world country”.

Each day, we traveled to a different location in Manila (Marikina, Masinag, Tejeros, and Bulacan) where the(Global Surge) ministry has planted churches, as well as Zambales, in the central Luzon region, where the ministry has a large outreach camp near the South China Sea. At each site, we set up our mobile dental clinic and quickly got to work. There was always a large group of people already waiting out in front and 4 dental chairs at a time with patients. Due to large consumption of sugar in the Filipino diet, and lack of daily care, most of the patients we saw had to have their teeth extracted. We even took out wisdom teeth with just a local anesthetic! There were also a few restorations and cleanings. We had a station for young ones to have fluoride treatments put on their teeth, as well as games and activities for neighborhood children. At every clinic, the local pastor and church members were there to greet people from the community and share the gospel, which was the ultimate purpose in our being there. In all, we saw 241 patients and 146 gave their lives to Christ that week!

It was a blessing to work with Joni Webster, on the field, after three years of preparation, state-side. The Filipino staff from the ministry, and those we served in the community, were such wonderful people and a joy to be around. Two Filipino mottos we heard frequently were, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” & “A pleasure to serve!” both of which were quite evident in our interactions with the people there.

Please consider joining us on a short term trip in the future!