Looking to become part of a study? We have several groups, which have recently begun, that you can join.


Precept Upon Precept - Jeremiah Part 1     |    9:30-11:30 AM | Crossroads, 15815 SE 37th St. Bellevue, 98006. 

Jeremiah, a prophet appointed by God, spoke a hard message to the people of his day. It's still God's message today - a call to listen to His Word. Heeding Jeremiah's message can bring healing and hope to all.  $30 per adult register.

Wednesday Evening Studies

6:30 PM at the SDA in Room A-2

This study will be an in depth look into the pages of Exodus where God completely redefines identity, leadership and intimacy with Him.
The OT book of Exodus and the life/ministry of Moses offers a rare look at God's expectations and desires for us when we are living a life embracing our kingdom identity. This study will weave us through the reshaping and redirecting of Moses's life, deliverance of the Isrealites, the inner workings of the OT law, and the planning of God's first early "home"... the temple.

We serve a powerful and miraculous God. A God that in the midst of guiding the galaxies and governing the world powers, He is still invested in the seemingly minuscule details of individual lives! Throughout this study we will see radical Agape love on FULL DISPLAY for His chosen people.

6:30 PM at the SDA in the Teacher’s Lounge.

Join us as we dig deeper into 1 John - How do you know if you're really born again? What does it mean to be holy. . . to love God? Find answers to these and other questions as you take a look back at the fundamentals of Christian beliefs.

Thursday Evening Study

TBD Bible Study  | 7:00 PM    |     Redmond Residence

The group will decide which book to study at the first meeting.  Contact Dorothy at 425-466-2158 for more info and to join the group. 
Begins Sept. 26.

upcoming Study

Deborah’s Son - Isaiah 53     |     Beginning January 2020  | ABC Office

Facilitator:  MK Fores

God’s promise to Eve that her seed would crush the head of the Serpent is wonderfully described in Isaiah 53. Our Conquering King came to crush Satan, but He was crushed Himself on our behalf. His sacrifice gives us eternal victory.  What does this mean to us today? How are we to think, believe and behave in light of His sacrifice? What a blessed Savior we have. Come and examine this powerful passage together. 


If you have questions about the Women’s Ministry, any of these events/studies/groups,
or would be interesting in leading a study, contact Michelle Nicholson, 425-284-2623.