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Our normal check-in procedures vary throughout the Children’s Ministry.


Check in at the computer in the “A” building.  Enter your phone number, check the box for the child(ren) you are checking in.  You’ll receive a name tag for your child.  Your child’s name tag includes any emergency/allergy information on it.   For Pick-Up, please connect with the Lead Teacher at the end of service.  
Nursery Parents - We ask that you bring a diaper bag/change of clothes for your child.


Check-in is in each classroom.  Sign your child in and out of the classroom.  For older kids, we allow them to dismiss themselves.  If you are comfortable with this, please let your classroom teacher know, and arrange a meeting spot with your child.  

For liability purposes, no child should be left unattended during services.  
If they are not checked into a classroom, parents/guardians are responsible
for their supervision.  Please assist us in this in keeping our campus safe!

Also, If a child is found wandering the halls or out on the playground by
themselves, we will direct the child to their classroom or parent.