children’s sunday school



For children who are 0 to 3 years of age. We believe even our littlest ones can learn! We plant the seeds of God’s Word in our little children and provide a safe, loving and consistent environment so that they might one day come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Our Mission for the Nursery is to be a place of:

  • Safety - where children’s bodies, minds, and emotions are safe

  • Teaching - where the littlest child is taught about Jesus

  • Community - where workers can find community and friendship

  • Shared Tasks - where many workers share the joy of the work

  • Shared Ideas - an example of innovation, multiculturalism, and organization

Our classes are led by volunteer teams, many parents just like you, who commit weekly for six or more months.  We keep a small child-to-adult ratio for relationship building and safety. Classes are grouped by age and/or physical ability – the activities and methods used are consistent with the group’s general abilities and needs.  Children move to preschool in the fall following their 3rd birthday.

Nursery Class Newborn to 3 years in age
9:00 & 11:00 AM | Room A-3   |  September - August
This class is equipped with play pens, rocking chairs, riding toys, building blocks, puzzles, swings, bouncers, books and toys.
Flexible schedule based on children’s needs (naps, feeding), including circle time with Bible story, songs and snack.

When Dropping Off Your Child…


ABC preschool is for children who turn 3 by September 1st through Kindergarten. Visitors and first time attendees for the school year can register at the Children's Ministry registration table located at the middle building entrance or online. 

Preschool/Kindergarten 3-5 years
9:00 & 11:00 AM | Room A-1  |  September - August

Curriculum Description:
Growing Together: Lessons from the early church leading kids to grow in love for God and others.
Studying the exciting stories of the early church and apostles, there will be many opportunities to discuss growing. Although most kids are focused on growing bigger, smarter, stronger and faster, God has a different kind of growth he wants to see in them. He wants them to grow to love Him and to love others more.

Preschool children are welcome to remain in their classrooms for both worship services if their parents are serving in an ABC ministry or attending an ABC adult elective class or worship services.  For safety reasons, parents/caregivers must remain onsite Sunday mornings.  


For children in 1st through 5th grade.  

Visitors and guests are welcome, and can register online, or at our registration table Sunday mornings. 
For the safety of our guests and regular members, parents are required to sign children in and out of the classroom each morning. 

9:00 AM Classes
1st-2nd | Room 103 | September - May
3rd-5th | Room 102 | September - May
6th | Room B-6 | September - May

11:00 AM Classes

1st-5th | Room 102 | September - May
6th | Cafeteria/B-8 | Antioch Youth Ministries

1st - 5th Grade Curriculum Description:
We use John Piper’s “Children Desiring God” curriculum in all our 1st service preschool - 5th grade classes.  It systematically uses a biblically grounded foundation in the early years and then reintroduces those concepts in the form of doctrines in the later years.  In short, the stories kids hear in preschool take on a deeper meaning as the lessons behind those stories are understood and applied when they get older.Our head teachers all have backgrounds ministering to children. They are trained & committed to bringing a solid Bible learning experience to your child, not just childcare. 

6th Graders

Grade 6th and up Curriculum Description: 
“Practical Theology and Apologetics” In Practical Theology and Apologetics for 6th graders, our goal is to teach your children how to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength by:

  • Demonstrating why the Bible is trustworthy

  • Teaching them how to think critically

  • Study how competing religions stack up against the Bible

  • Getting the parents involved!

Homework is issued on a weekly basis.  It is designed to get families involved in their children’s spiritual growth.