When Dropping Off Your Child

  • A “well baby”…This means that we do not accept children who have green noses, a fever or diarrhea within the last 24 hours, or children who have vomited recently. But know that all nursery staff takes extra precaution to disinfect and clean toys and materials often!

  • A diaper bag that includes at least 2 diapers and change of clothing for an emergency. Also, for potty training children, include a change of clothes. You are welcome to also bring any extras for your child’s comfort (bottle, pacifier, snack, sippy cup, etc.). Please label all items.

  • We often go outside/go on walks, so please include a jacket/sweater.

  • We provide snacks for children 11 months-3 years.  If you have dietary restrictions please notify the Children’s Director or nursery work.