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online giving?

Giving 101
  • Enter your giving amount by tapping the $0 to begin typing.
  • Select the fund you are giving to (General, Adoptions, Missions, Benevolence, etc.).
  • Select a frequency (One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Click the blue “Next” bar.

Make an Account
The “next” action will take you to a secondary page that will ask you for ask you to create an account with email or use another login method.
Once you set this up initially, it will remember you on your device, and you can log in with that information on any other device.

Payment Method
On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter your card information (which your private account will remember when you log on the next time, saving you an extra step for any future giving) and complete your transaction from there.

App Giving
FYI – This Subsplash system is the same one we use for our Antioch Bible Church phone app, so if you have already set up an account that way, you can log in on your computer or tablet as well.

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