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Antioch Bible Church

established October 7th, 1984

Antioch was hailed as a “church for all people” where every aspect of church, from who would be in leadership to the varying styles of Sunday worship, would intentionally reflect and include the community it served. Citing Philippians 2:3-4, Pastor Hutch, Pastor Mark Webster and Pastor Dwight Englund encouraged the congregation to “regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”

As a new and somewhat unsettling idea for many, Pastor Hutch wrote a book, “The Church: What we were meant to be” using the book of Acts in the hope of inspiring a national conversation about the church; how it looks, how it responds to an evolving culture, and how it serves. As a result, Antioch Bible Church became a nationally recognized leader in cross-cultural ministry.

Antioch's innovative commitment to multi-ethnic ministry paired with an unwavering commitment to the Bible-centered preaching of God's Word, consistently communicates a message of hope and grace to people in the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

After faithfully serving as the Senior Pastor for thirty years, Pastor Hutch passed away from cancer on December 18, 2013. After a time of tremendous grief and uncertainty, the leadership at Antioch was more convinced than ever that God had a wonderful plan for Antioch, and that "He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ."