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Funeral Crashers

Feb 4, 2024    Pastor Herb Hartso III

This Sunday we had the pleasure of hearing from our Senior Pastor, Herb Hartso III. He's continuing on with our series entitled "WayMaker, The Miracles of Jesus." Last week we covered the miracle of the healing of the Centurion's Servant. This week we are covering the resurrection of the widow's son! Get your Bibles out and pens ready to take notes, this message will encourage you today! 

Pastor Herb Hartso III, head pastor of Antioch Bible Church

invites you to join us in person. You belong here.


Recording Outline:

I. Introduction | Start

II.Scripture Reading | 1:40

III. Message | 3:00

IV. Closing Statement and Prayer | 36:00

Life Group Questions

1.   How does Jesus help us with grief?

2.   When have you experienced compassion from Jesus?

3.   How is Jesus different from a great prophet?