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Win Over Worries

Aug 20, 2023    Pastor Jonathan Rainey

For this stand-alone message, Pastor Jonathan Rainey challenges us to leave worry at the cross. When you bring your fears and worries to God in prayer, do you walk away still anxious? This message is for you.

Message Outline:

I. Opening Prayer | Start

II. Introduction | 3:10

III. Scripture Reading | 4:00

IV. Message | 6:01

V. Closing Prayer | 42:07

Lifegroup Questions:

1. What are some of the foolish, fruitless, faithless worries that occupy your mind instead of Jesus?

2. How has seeking the Kingdom (God’s Rule) in areas of your life benefited you?

3. What are your anxieties, activities, and ambitions that are a priority to you?

4. What areas do you believe in God but not believe God?

5. What is the blank check (all these things) that you are trusting that God will add to your life?

Please take time to confess your worries to God, as you are led, to the group.