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Prayer in Reverse

Jun 11, 2023    Pastor KC Cook

The preacher teaching this message is Pastor KC Cook. He was Pastor Herb's mentor throughout his twenties and is a guest this week.

This is the third sermon in our Powerful Prayers series.

Life Group Questions:

1. Do I spend more time praying or worrying about things? Be honest!

2. Why is worrying a waste of time?

3. What are the differences between wants and needs? What can I do to separate those?

4. Why is worrying NOT trusting God?

5. Worry is rooted/grounded in control... Am I o.k. with not being in control? Why/Why Not?

6. Do I look more like Jesus or the world? Does your prayer life look more like Jesus or the world?

7. What things would you say you are devoted to MORE than prayer? (Hobbies, free time, likes, etc.) 

8. What steps and accountability can you put in place to make prayer more of a priority?