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The Road

Mar 26, 2023    Pastor Herb Hartso III

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Recording Outline:

I. Introduction + Welcome

II. Message | 1:55

III. Closing Prayer 33:25

Message Outline:

I. (v. 2-3)

II. (v. 16)

III. Knowing vs. Understanding

IV. (v. 13-35)

V. Evidence of Knowing Jesus

Life Group Questions:

1. Why do you think God concealed the identity of Jesus from the disciples on the road?

2. What tips would you give someone to find Jesus in the Bible?

3. How does the energy and excitement of the two disciples compel you to share the gospel?

Life Group Outreach Activity:

Please create an outreach plan to invite people to church on Easter. Be creative and have fun! If you would like, please submit this plan to Jan Howard at for mutual encouragement. Let us know if you need anything to help you invite guests to church on Easter.

As a reminder, we will have two services on Easter at 9:00am and 11:00am to accommodate our church family and guests!