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Mar 19, 2023    Pastor Jonathan Rainey

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Recording Outline:

I. Introduction + Welcome

II. Opening Prayer | 1:05

III. Message | 2:55

IV. Closing Statement + Prayer | 36:45

Message Outline:

I. Signs of the Messiah

II. Stages of Investigation

III. Condition for the Miracle

IV. The Coming for the Miracle

V. Cleansing from the Miracle

VI. The Commission After the Miracle

Life Group Questions

1. Do you see yourself as a Leper before you met Christ?

2. Who Do you seek for your greatest needs to be met?

3. Do you honor God by Believing Him?

4. What is the Word that you are trusting God for?

5. How has the Blood and the Oil changed your listening, working, and walk? Does the Anointing of the Holy Spirit have complete control over your life?