Visual Story Network

The Visual Story Network is a global community of visual storytellers leading a movement so everyone can encounter Jesus and His kingdom.  We do this as we...
                        1. Connect visual storytellers with one another.
                        2. Collaborate on projects, products, & partnerships.
                        3. Train new storytellers. 

About Clyde and Shirin

In college, Clyde described himself as “a pagan fraternity boy” before coming to Christ; while Shirin is a descendant of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

For 23 years they served with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) on three continents. In 2007 they launched the Visual Story Network. The Visual Story Network is a community of 2400 visual storytellers in 85 countries communicating Christ and kingdom to the ends of the earth. VSN helps ministries to innovate using media, story and mobile phones. Shirin leads the Middle East Women’s Leadership Network. The MEWLN empowers and equips women leaders to complete the Great Commission in the Middle East.