Babis and Lahela Tagaroulias


Hellenic Ministries

Hellenic Ministries is an international, nondenominational Greek missions organization, seeking to serve Christ throughout Greece, the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. HM beckons believers around the world to consider the same Macedonian call that drew the Apostle Paul to this spiritually needy land in AD 40.

About Babis and Lahela

Lahela (Hughes) Tagaroulias is our ambassador to Greece. She has been faithfully serving with Hellenic Ministries (HM) since 2004.

Her role as Administrative Assistant to the Director of HM has morphed over the years as she and Babis, now have 5 children; Kela, Angeliki, Zoe, Nikolaos and David. She is currently homeschooling their 2 oldest children as well as hosting a prayer time for missionary moms in her area, once a week, in order to be intentional about encouraging and supporting her fellow missionaries within HM. She continues to support Johnathan in various administrative roles as she is often called upon.

Babis Tagaroulias, her husband, a Greek national, serves as an advisor to the Director of Hellenic Ministries, as well as serving on the executive board for the ministry. He is currently employed by the Greek government as a lawyer in conflict resolution and dispute mediation. Together they have worked on outreach opportunities both in Athens and abroad.

Please pray for the Tagaroulias family as they work to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to Greece and the Nations!