The Mission of the Transferable Cross Training Foundation is to train Christian soldiers for spiritual battle. It is our goal to see every Christian effectively equipped to know what they believe, why they believe and how to comfortably and confidently share what they believe with others. It is our conviction that proactive Christianity is Biblical Christianity and that Ambassadors for Christ who are capable of clearly communicating reasonable answers to reasonable questions regarding our Christian faith, should be considered normal rather than novel. “If I can do it, you can do it,” concisely conveys a mind set that is both caught and taught throughout the Transferable Cross Training series. Gathered to Learn, Equipped to Serve, and Scattered to Reproduce is a simple motto that represents the heart and soul of Transferable Cross Training. God bless you as you take up the challenge to aggressively and actively participate in the most important job ever entrusted to those who profess to obediently follow the great command of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.

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Booklet 1, ESSENTIALS, focuses upon essential building blocks for successful Christian living. It includes topics such as:

  • Identifying Three Types of People and their most basic needs

  • Spiritual multiplication and how to share the gospel

  • Assurance, Forgiveness, Vain Regrets and demonic Accusation, Loving People who are not even likable.

  • Prayer, Trials and spiritual Warfare

  • Financial stewardship and Christian Liberty


Booklet 2, APOLOGETICS, focuses upon learning how to answer tougher questions like:

  • Identifying Cults, sharing with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, The New Gospel and The True Gospel

  • The Creation/Evolution dilemma, The New Tolerance

  • The deity of Jesus Christ and the uniqueness of Christianity among the world religions, Islam

  • The authenticity and reliability of the Bible


Booklet 3, LEADERSHIP, is a study on leadership training and examines the attitudes, actions and obstacles of effective Christian leadership. Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • Three marks of a true disciple, the maturity process and Our Adequacy for Ministry

  • Future rewards, avoiding personality cults and keeping the Eternal Perspective

  • The tongue, partiality and creating Safe Harbors

  • Unity in Christ, Diversity in Christ, Compliment Don't Compete and professionalism