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Together (Part 2)

Apr 23, 2023    Pastor Nathan Barnett

This is the second sermon in the Together Series. Pastor Nathan Barnett, guest speaker, and father-in-law to Pastor Herb Hartso III shares about five principles the early church demonstrated that ALL churches should follow in practice.

Recording Outline:

I. Scripture Reading | Start

II. Message | 5:00

III. Closing Statement | 28:10

Message Outline:

I. Where the Church Began

II. Staying Together

III. Faithful Teaching

IV. Sharing Together

V. Sharing Meals

VI. Unified in Prayer

Life Group Questions:

Life Groups should remember that the book of Acts is a historical transitional book that is more "Descriptive than Prescriptive." The Apostles will later solidify which principles are to be transitional and which are the normal behavior of the Church. So, here are 3 areas of questions that groups may consider:

1.  How important was it for the early followers of Jesus Christ to sacrifice the normal demands of life to get "together" with other Jesus followers? Can you think of any activities you would be willing to give up or curtail in order to meet more regularly with other believers?

2. Is going to a sporting event or even going to a Church event  really "Fellowship?" What makes it "Koinonia?" Can bring up the subject of God's greatness and what he is doing too much?

3.  Praying together was a main feature of the Early Church. Read Acts 12:5. Does this sound like a "Life Group?" Why?