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Together (Part 3)

Apr 30, 2023    Pastor Herb Hartso III

This is the third and final sermon in the Together Series. Pastor Herb Hartso III, head pastor of Antioch Bible Church invites you to join us in person. You belong here.

Recording Outline:

I. Opening Prayer | Start

II. Introduction | 2:20

III. Message | 4:34

IV. Closing Statement | 33:07

Message Outline:

I. Why We Gather

II. Stir or Spoil

III. It's Not New

IV. Conclusion

Life Group Questions:

1.   How is the blood of Jesus connected to us being together (Eph. 2, Heb. 10)?

2.   What does it mean to stir or positively provoke another Christian?

3.   What are good reminders that meeting is not about you but about others?