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Taste Test

Jan 1, 2023    Pastor Jonathan Rainey

Taste Test

Pastor Jonathan Rainey

January 1st, 2023

Happy New Year!

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Recording Outline:

I. Opening Prayer | 1:20

II. Introduction | 3:00

III. Scripture Reading | 4:03

IV. Message | 6:48

V. Closing Statement | 33:48

Message Outline:

I. I Will Bless the Lord (v. 1-10)

- Praise (v. 1-3)

- Prayer (v. 6)

- Protection (v. 7)

- Proclamation

II. I Will Teach His Truth (v. 11-22)

- Listening and Living

- Personality and Power of the Lord

Life Group Questions

1. How have you responded when God has answered your prayers? Was it praise or


2. Do you bless the Lord at all times?

3. Do you fear God more than you fear anything?

4. How does the Lord taste in your experience?

5. What type of pupil are you? Do you submit to the Lord's Curriculum?

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