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Christ in the Crisis

Feb 12, 2023    Pastor Jonathan Rainey

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Recording Outline:

I. Welcome and Prayer | Start

II. The Message | 2:32

III. Conclusion and Prayer | 38:45

Message Outline:

I. What God Does (v. 1-2)

II. What Sin Does (v. 3-10)

III. What People Do (v. 11-14)

IV. What the Sinner Should Do (v. 15-22)

Life Group Questions

1. Discuss a time in your life when you felt the loving discipline of God because of your sin? If that's too personal, give us an example of someone you know.

2. How has your rebellion and sin affected you during this discipline?

3. How did your sin affect your relationships? 

4. How were you humbled to repent and trust in the God of your salvation? 

5. Do you remember those times so you won't repeat them again in the future?