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Enemies 101

Jan 8, 2023    Pastor Herb Hartso III

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Recording Outline:

I. Introduction | Start

II. Scripture Reading | 1:11

III. Message | 3:05

IV. Closing Statement | 25:17

Message Outline:

I. Can we praise God who has authority over our enemies?

II. Romans 12:14-21 - A theological conundrum - Can we ask God to destroy our enemies?

III. David's experience

IV. Aha! Have joy over your enemies.

VI. God Delights in your peace.

Life Group Questions

1. Is it appropriate to ask God to destroy your enemies? (v. 8)

2. Why do we repay good deeds with evil at times? (v. 15-16)

3. How does it make you feel that God delights in your shalom? (v. 27) 

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